Welcome to Salasar

Since its inspection in 2003 Salasar is now on par with the best construction companies in Central India, undertaking contracts for the entire construction of building projects. In keeping with current trends, structural repairing has also become part of our fast-expanding business. 
Our strength lies in our reputation for perfection which is backed by a proven track record, proven quality, expertise, workmanship, service, competence, reliability and most importantly a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction which is substantiated by our impressive clients and projects. 

However the scenario was never the same before Salasar’s entry in the market through Sanjay Udyog. This segment was always looked upon as a disorganised sector with very little scope for development. However, the credit to change people 's perception and earn repute totally goes to Sanjay Udyog. Within a short span of time Salasar Group of Enginnering has changed the face of the Concrete Controlled Dismantling & Structural Repairs industry in Central India. Thanks to its cutting edge technology and team of professionals. The result, an unmatched performance like no other. Our superior quality and timely delivery has won us the patronage of several clients across sectors.  


Our Skills

  • 90%
    RCC Concrete Cutting using Diamond Cutting Technology
  • 87%
    Jacketing, Pressure Grout & Under pinning of Columns & Beams
  • 70%
    Demolition / Breaking of Pile
  • 75%
    Rock Splitting, Anchoring & Grouting
  • 75%
    Core Cutting & Drilling
  • 80%
    Structure Repairs & Rehabilitations
  • 76%
    Micro Concreting , Fibre & Carbon Wrapping
  • 65%
    Wire , Wall & Hand Sawing Machines
  • 85%
    Concrete Breaking using Electrical & Pneumatic Tractor Breakers
  • 85%
    Chemical Anchoring & Rebar Fixing